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 Cash For Your Warhol

Cash For Your Warhol

“My feeling about ideas is, you can’t do an idea so that people will talk about it, or so that you’ll sell a bunch. The ideas are really a form of expression and that’s all there is. And for me, I do these things without regard of the outcome. They may suck, they may be good, but I want to experience the process of putting it out there so that people can respond to it in some way.”

Boston-based conceptual artist and photographer Geoff Hargadon transformed the pervasive Cash for Your House signs of a recession-plagued nation into an internationally recognized prank. The signs fix certain iconic images in the mind, and set the tone for dizzying range and rapid expansion across the country. “I thought it was interesting conceptually, cohesive, I liked the design. I enjoy and appreciate graphic design, so I wanted to have a design that looked kind of ambiguous. I made a bunch and it just kind of caught on. There were things that happened that never crossed my mind would happen.”

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