Interview // Raul Gonzalez / by Spirited Magazine

“I feel like I'm creating the work that I've wanted to create since I was a little boy. And the first influences I had as an artist, were artists who were either in comic books, on tv or in cartoons. And those were works of art that were very accessible to a boy like me who grew up in a place that didn’t have the Museum of Fine Arts or The Institute of Contemporary Art. So the spinner rack at the local 7-11 was my Museum of Fine Arts and I like for my artwork to be very accessible to people who might not have museums in their lives. My work is a true reflection of my love of this art form.”

As soon as I heard this from the mouth of Somerville artist, Raul Gonzalez, I was tempted close my notebook, thank him for his time, and ride off into the sunset. What a perfect summation. Over the course of Raul’s life, from border town to big city, his visual vocabulary has been shaped by a polarizing, yet strangely cohesive array of images, memories, and experiences that imbue his work with a refreshing sense of rawness, honesty and accessibility.

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