Play Projection Outtakes / by Spirited Magazine

Photos by Brendan David Coyne

Hosted by 549 Columbus ave, Boston / Creative Co-op Space
May 26th and 27th


A new play by Allison Vanouse puts the noir mode into a claustrophobic interior space, deconstructing and reconstructing its parameters until they brush the limit of the form. Sam (Dimitri Papadimitriou) is a P.I. without a case, haunted by images, his mind saturated with the cinematic. PROJECTION is a world of his creation, where ghosts of the 1940s and the ever-present hum of a movie projector build a tenuous dreamscape. To this heady cocktail — half David Lynch, half Dashiell Hammett, a dash of the existential — Spirited Magazine’s production introduces the hurricane-force of a femme fatale (played with aplomb by Alix Mauclere). Sitting on the edge of theatrical and performance traditions, PROJECTION is a basement-show chamber-play that consistently performs weird alchemy: two lovers – thirty minutes — one movie — one dirty mattress — a play of images between the filmic and theatrical — live scoring (by Jonathan Sibha) worthy of Eraserhead—and a strangely resonant takeaway that sits squarely between gritty realism and dreams. The play also restores the original ending of Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon. If you want to see just how, check out excerpts from the script in Noir Generation.