Gallery Installation and $ Issue Event at Fourth Wall Project / by Spirited Magazine

 $ event

"$” Issue, Summer 2012. We created images and stories about value, possibilities, poverty, gold and imagination in a world of Time and Money.

The artists: Raul Gonzalez, Brendan Coyne, Jessica Ginsberg, Baby Angel, Geoff Hargadon (Cash for Your Warhol), Alexa Guariglia, Vela Phelan and Jordan Harrison.

The evening also presented sound performances by Magzilla, Bathaus and visuals by HEXbeam. String Quartet members JuliaHunter, Sharon Beilik, Emma & Sam Stapleton 
performing Bartók. Art Performance by Dead Art Star & Maria Molteni. Literary Readings by our featured poets: Ben Mazer, Philip Nikolayev, Miguel Miró-Quesada, Whit Griffin and Jeffrey Taylor.

Evening curated by Amanda Maciel Antunes.

All photos by Brendan David Coyne.

[For more event photos ---> HERE]