Spirited VII Dystopia Live Installation 03.16.13 / by Spirited Magazine


We are pleased to announce the seventh issue with a live installation that will feature artists and collaborators whose works are included in the “Dystopia” Issue, Winter 2013. 

THE ISSUE: We’ve assembled a long-form and picturesque collection comprised of and by our heroes and friends who have visually explored losing track of the moment. That moment in which every human’s strength becomes his weakness, on which his weakness becomes his strength. They all made a contribution for you. Every contribution has its own story, independent from the others, and still it seems as if an invisible thread connects them all.

In Exhibition Brian RoachKatie O'brien, Brendan CoyneAnthony PalocciAmanda Dugay Forrester

Film Screening "All the World's a Stage" by Celia Rowlson Hall

Sound Performance Bobb Trimble's Jupiter Transmission

Dance Party with DJ Brizgnar

Event Photo Coverage Covetous Creatures

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Thank you to everyone who influenced and inspired this issue.