Choreography / by Spirited Magazine

Spirited #5 [Noir Generation]

by Cassie Pinner

Escaping their silent chambers to watch the final scene.
The trees rotted with cramps; psychic since the beginning.
Evicted from a fantasy, draped in the denial of death.

Humans painted their faces with shiny black oils.
Perfect petroleum.
Costumes caught fire, distinct with streaks of soot.
Jewels and gems melted down to viscous rocks.

Skin like vanilla icecream melted under the July sun.
There had never been a mass sacrifice.
A massacre by fire.
Currency transformed into ash; a culture gone wrong.
Twisted ropes.

Flames making love in a violent choreographed trance, taunting
the lonely North Star.
Twinkling with a fairytale face
scoring the implosion.

An abyss of dense tar.
An expedited deficit.
A solid depletion.

Dark moon.
Deep sea.