Spirited is an arts and culture magazine that approaches the world with unfiltered eyes, appreciates the unorthodox—daring and was born from the necessity to create productive outlets for exploring textures and depths within the community around us.

 Spirited Gallery Installation - Issue Vi

Spirited Gallery Installation - Issue Vi

Contributors, who include photographers, stylists, musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, graphic designers and writers, are challenged to stretch this idea to its limits, explore its surfaces and crevices.

Spiritedmag.com is an extension and a preview of the print magazine, providing a platform for both established and emerging artists to exhibit their work online.


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Editor-in-chief & Creative Director: Amanda Maciel Antunes

Editor & Layout Designer: Philip DuPertuis 

Associate Creative Director: Brendan David Coyne

Projects and Events Photographic Director: Gregory Parker

Projects and Events Photographic Assistant: Holly Penikas

*For special project opportunities please write to spiritedmagazine@gmail.com


Spirited VIII RISE

An ember in ash, Dystopia: Spirited VII vanquished us and left us to flicker and fade in a dust-grey heap. 

There is, however, hope in embers. Gather enough and feed them oxygen, they turn flame and blaze, once again able to DEVOUR all they meet. 

RISE: Spirited VIII is our rebirth; our cleansing; our floating up from our own ashes refined and clear. What is so special and so unexpected about RISE is an incursion onto a landscape, sometimes transient, sometimes permanent, and it’s mere truth carries enormous responsibility and glorious opportunity.

We wanted to create RISE on an elusive combination of presence and projection, carried by the reason that our spirit is as impressive as the body that contains it. 


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