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Friday, January 18th, PICÓ PICANTE returns to Good Life. Two of their headliners Ultratumba and Brizgnar emerged onto the Boston electronic music scene and instantly won over listeners with their energized sets that make your feet ache from blissful, insane dancing. We ask them to spare their experiences, first album, playlists and the next big thing.



Originally from Miami-Dade County, Brizgnar (aka Branden Paillant) has been playing nights that are pushing the boundaries of your typical dance night in Boston. Parties like Picó Picante, Zuesdays, Sabado Gigante, Dont Ask Dont make him feel at home. And when asked about the scene he points out:

"Boston doesn't have enough venues that support underground music. I would argue that the city's laws try to actively suppress the underground scene here. So many talented artists, not enough spaces to exhibit work."

The home that he longs is all the more closer to being felt as we talk about his first Dj recollection: 


"My first DJ experience was really traumatic. I used to go to this small club in Miami that I liked. I really wanted to play there because I liked the scene. So a friend and I approached the promoter, and he was like "sure you guys are on next week". I was totally stoked and spent the whole week practicing on traktor to find out the day of that we were going to be using CDJ's. I freaked out and burned my whole library to a couple of CD's. I tag teamed with a friend of mine, no planning whatsoever, and we sucked. But all of our friends were there so it was like w/e."


"The first record I recollect ever listening to in it's entirety was E. 1999 Eternal by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. I listened to it through my brother's walkman until it was too scratched to listen to anymore. It was like watching a horror movie filmed in the hood."

Get Acquainted:

What would Brizgnar cross-country playlist sound like?

Let Me Bang - Salva & Brenmar

Broad Out - RDX 

Pay For This - DJ Jayhood

Nookie - Jamesy P

Muevete Jevy - El Alfa

Blk.adonis + Rizzla - She Only Dance

Bruk It Down - Mr. Vegas

Hold Me Back - Rick Ross

Bang - Happa 

Kush Pack Loud - DJ Spinn 

Do - Kevin McPhee

Us - Lil Reese 

DICK - Rizzla 

Blk.adonis + Rizzla - She Only Dance

What would his professional wrestler name be?

I would have a crew. We would be called "Homo Thugz-n-Harmony" and I would be Brizzy Boner. 

Final Words:

2013 is the year of the alien, reconnect with your extra terrestrial kindred spirits and turn up! #Freechiefkeefsosa 

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Ultratumba (aka Ethan Kiermaier) made his way to Boston from Maine -- "I'm from a micro town in Maine you've never heard of" -- and spends his current days "hibernating for the winter, I leave the house every third day and fire up my sauna shack once a week.  I'm also building a tiny house on wheels for a friend to live in."

An enchanting panorama of sorts...

I spend way too much time trolling the internet; file sharing sites in languages I can't understand.  90% of what I download is pure crap, my itunes looks like a warzone, that's why I end up playing a lot of Rihanna remixes.


"The first tape I bought which wasn't Weird Al was "Goo" by Sonic Youth, at the time I didn't like it very much but it's really grown on me in the interceding 20 years."

All you need to do is listen to one of his tracks: 

What would his cross-country playlist sound like?

As I type this I'm listening to Alice Coltrane and she's chanting about California, so definitely that.  Also there would probably be some Liturgy and Moondog and Jagwa Music. 

What would his professional wrestler name be?

Mr. Whiskers. 

Final Words:

Boston is the best place on the globe right now.  If you don't live here, you should probably move.  We've abolished winter and have the best club night on earth (Pico!).  I personally make soup and fresh bread for every new resident.

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And if that's not enough to love, he sent us this:

 Ethan (left)

Ethan (left)

All images courtesy of Picó Picante & artists.

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