Interview // Musician Samantha Crain / by Spirited Magazine

Spirited #5 [Noir Generation]

Interview with Samantha Crain
by Amanda Maciel Antunes


In the industry since her teenage years, 25-year-old Oklahoma-based folk musician Samantha Crain has made song-writing and performance her way of life. Her sounds suit her spontaneous lifestyle and eclectic musical talents. We caught Samantha taking a break from tour and asked her what is it like to be on the road, her future and going insane. Although she says that the touring life is not for everyone, it seems to suit her just fine.

So…what are you up to right now?

I am currently in Shawnee, back home with family. I am taking time to write for a couple weeks between tours. Then I’ll be back on the road heading to the Eastern US and then back over to Europe for a short tour with First Aid Kit. I also just released a new 7″ single that John Vanderslice produced called “A Simple Jungle”.

The first time I heard your voice I was listening to Devil’s in Boston and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had a serious obsession with that song for months. I’m always interested in the process of songwriting. Tell me a little bit about your process and what sparks your creative writing and story telling.

My process varies with different periods of my life. When I’m on the go a lot and living a more social existence, creativity seems to come from the people and places around me and my songs become more like stories and narratives. When I am leading a more quiet life, my songs tend to take a more introspective and thoughtful turn and sometimes they can be more abstract. Traveling really plays a huge role in inspiring me. It has become my rhythm and without that rhythm I feel a bit lost.

You’re obviously a very busy woman and you’re on the road a lot. It’s quite common for artists to let other parts of life take a back seat with their hectic schedules. Is there something you don’t do that you wish you had the time for, like reading books or keeping in touch with your family?

I am a very family oriented person so I DO keep in touch with my family on a regular basis. I read a lot when I’m not on the road but I do wish I had more time to just be quiet and still. Actually this is something I get to tap into when I’m touring in Europe and UK because I take the train everywhere and I tour alone overseas. So I have all day to think and be quiet and then I can play at night, but touring with a band over here in US and Canada can be quite the party and there is a lot of social interaction that goes along with the touring. I know a lot of my friendships have suffered because of my schedule and I do wish I could focus on that more. I have made attempts to do that as I get older and realize their importance.

Are there certain places you prefer touring or certain cities you really love?

I really love touring in Europe and UK right now…mainly because it’s still new and exciting for me. I love the US but I’ve been everywhere so many times! But when we are touring the US and Canada, I really love the Northwest, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon; it’s such beautiful scenery and great weather. I also really like touring through the Northeast because I get to experience that itinerant urban quality of traveling and living which can be really blood-pumping!

As an artist do you draw a line between music, singing, or is the line blurred for you?

I consider my voice my most fluent instrument so music and singing go hand and hand for me. If I can’t find a way to express myself on guitar or banjo or piano, I know I can always find the way to express myself through my voice.

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