Interview // Spirited Dance: Chillando by eSGi / by Spirited Magazine

 eSGi: Dj Goulet, Dj Thaddeus Jeffries and Guarionex    photo by Amanda Maciel Antunes

eSGi: Dj Goulet, Dj Thaddeus Jeffries and Guarionex  

photo by Amanda Maciel Antunes

The beat. The beat. The beat. The all-call to the dance floor. The inter-twining of legs and arms. Hands that touch and grasp and reach and slip. The go, go, going of these two and those two and you and me and more. The sweaty salty. This is the night. This is the noise. The thump, thump, thumping that is there in the head long after last-call and lights up and life resumes on the street.

But we are anonymous here; a mass of semi-humanity writhing in darkness. The DJ is a perched on a throne in judgment and decree. There is another way. 

The Boston-based eclectic bounty of noisemakers eSGi are drawing narratives from alternative sounds and developing into something that is not your usual nightlife culture in Beantown. We caught up with the members and party-makers in anticipation of their fourth Chillando event and the one-year-anniversary of their frenetic monthly house party called Sabado Gigante. The group, comprised of photographer Guarionex, Dj Alex Goulet and Dj Thaddeus Jeffries, have not only found their sound through a mélange of influences, but a collective appreciation for music.

 Sabado Gigante I by Guarionex 

Sabado Gigante I by Guarionex 

Despite only having been together for a year,  eSGi seem to have found a clear vision of what party they want to present, “It started off as something very humble, we always wanted to throw a party, we did a couple of times and we saw that people were connecting with it and it soon enough became more than just a house party. I t was an outlet I think for all of us to bring together a group of people and styles of music that wasn’t being represented, alternative in many different ways.” says Dj Goulet.

“The one thing that let us stay around to do the basement party was that we would just keep it clean. Me and my cousin would stay over and clean the shit out of the basement, sometimes we’d bring my other cousins (laughs).” adds Guarionex.
photo 3.JPG

The group’s vision and pride shows when they are asked about their first few events... “Our crowd was always very open minded and they would dance to anything. We would even give them a surprise bachata after playing lots of house and they would still dance to it. We started by inviting our people and asking them to bring their friends and friends of friends. That’s how our crowd came to be.” - Guarionex

Goulet adds “At the beginning there was no name, function or form to this party it just all evolved as the party kept going and I think maybe in December of 2012 or so we knew this was something special and we wanted to put a name and a mission statement to this party and take it to some other direction.”

And whether they’re secretly obsessed with Don Francisco’s spanish-language variety television show Sábado Gigante... Guarionex explains “It was just a random name that came about, cause we started on Cinco de Mayo of 2012 and it just so happened to be on a Saturday and I convinced Jeffries that it would be an amazing name. I eventually tried to borrow some ideas from the actual variety show, as in being super random, you’d get skits, music performances, contests and I wanted to take that idea and apply to our party, so every time we had a party would be something completely different, not just the music but we would give out prizes, we switched up the drinks a bunch of times, we had a couple of music performances, hopefully an art show in the future. I think a lot of people were curious about the way we promoted the party in the beginning. I would just randomly talk about Sabado Gigante on Instagram and Facebook and I made a promo video which was an actual footage from from the 80s and put subtitles on it that completely said something else. Don Francisco asking questions like ‘Where’s this party gonna be?’ caught on.”

With their party-perfect tunes, another event a little more laid back from that crazy start was born, given the choice to organize a live-streamed tour of the city in a more intimate open house environment “When we got together in December of 2012 to talk about how we could get everything more solidified we came up with this idea to do a more relaxing social type event with our favorite local Djs called Chillando. We’ve done three so far and our fourth is coming up. We knew we could throw parties, but we wanted to get a different community that were looking for more than just people having fun and celebrating.” Dj Goulet

 Sabado Gigante VII by Guarionex

Sabado Gigante VII by Guarionex

“Often at parties you don’t get to talk to someone you’re dancing with and you can’t connect with them so we wanted to make room for that and showcase Boston’s alternative venues as much as connect the people with those venues” Dj Thaddeus
 eSGi photos by Amanda Maciel Antunes

eSGi photos by Amanda Maciel Antunes

Guario adds “The first Chillando we did was in this store front called Kyoto Jungle on Newbury street, a concept store run by this local brand called Annie Mulz. It was a good test run. We also live streamed and that gave people who can’t make it out the option to click and watch us from their homes.” As if an invitation to party in your living room wasn’t delightful enough “It’s also an opportunity for our guest Djs to play alternative music and anything that suits them and be showcased outside of the realms of the party and you hear music you normally don’t hear in a club.” says Dj Thaddeus

The memories of these parties when blurred around the edges, like one long day-turned-night-turned-day, but the moments captured by Guarionex is another critical aspect of eSGi’s vision...

“It’s not your standard ‘Say cheese’, the party memories are very important to us. People started to latch on with the movement and the photos were a huge part of the after party following. So much traffic on those photos, a couple days after the party everyone wants to find themselves and they love it because they are catching things that are outlandish. Guario is taking pictures of you while you have your hands up some chick’s shirt...(laughs)” Dj Goulet.
 SG VI by Guarionex

SG VI by Guarionex

There is a lot more content and there are people elbowing their way in so when asked about their plans for the rest of 2013...

“We’ll keep on pushing on Chillando this year. This is a big and fun project for all of us.” Thaddeus

“It’s a chance for us to do something that we are really passionate about. It’s really important to do that. I played top 40 for a year and it was soul sucking, this has been refreshing. It’s crazy that we have this opportunity and how things have evolved and that it feels right to all of us and that’s why we continue to do it.” Goulet

“We were very lucky to have it happen when it did for us.” Guarionex

When welcoming stream of electrifying dance goodness that make crowds go wild it’s easy to see why eSGi is under our radar and why they should be on yours.

Next Chillando will be hosted at Spirited’s headquarters and creative workspace Make Shift Boston joining our other favorite dance makers Picó Picante on Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 from 8pm to 10pm.